Video: miniRUEDI at work on Lake Rotsee

Eawag made a video about how a miniRUEDI is used to study the dynamics and the turnover of gases in Rotsee – hear me speak good old Swiss German (with English subtitles). Sorry for the field-work background noise!

Gasometrix in the news!

The foundation of Gasometrix GmbH as an Eawag Spin-Off was well received in the media. Tages Anzeiger and some other newspapers picked up the Eawag press release, and I got interviewed by Swiss Radio and Television for their Science Magazine. Here’s the interview (in German):


Eawag News about Gasometrix GmbH

Analyses of environmental gases which previously required months of laboratory work can now be carried out rapidly in the field. A group of Eawag scientists have developed a portable mass spectrometer allowing on-site measurements – and a spin-off has been created to commercialize the new system. (read the full article)