The «miniRUEDI» is a portable mass spectrometer for quantification of gas species in environmental gases and water bodies. It was developed at the Swiss Federal Institute for Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag).

Fully built and configured miniRUEDI: CHF 50’000.-
Custom designs or flexible ways of handling are possible (for example you provide the hardware/parts, we assemble and configure the miniRUEDI). Don’t hesitate to ask us!

Standard specifications:

  • Designed and built for on-site gas analysis in harsh environments (for example during field work or at remote locations)
  • Gas inlet at atmospheric pressure
  • Gas species (tested with air-like gas matrices): He, Ar, Kr, N2, O2, CO2, CH4, H2
  • Analytical range (typical): ppm-Level to 100% vol/vol concentration
  • Analytical uncertainty of 1–3% (typical)
  • Calibration using ambient air as standard gas (depending on application)
  • Maintenance-free and autonomous operation
  • 6 inlet ports for different gas samples (number of inlets can be increased on request)
  • Low gas consumption (< 0.1 ml/min) minimises interference with the natural mass balance of gases and avoids bias in dissolved-gas concentrations in water using the gas-equilibrium membrane-inlet mass spectrometry (GE-MIMS) method
  • Size and weight: 60 cm × 40 cm × 14 cm, 13 kg
    (with Pelicase: 80 cm × 52 cm × 32 cm, 32 kg)
  • Power supply: 24 V(DC), runs off two 12 V “car batteries”, solar panels, etc. or 110–230 V(AC) mains converter.
    Power consumption: 50 W
  • ruediPy software for instrument control and data processing (open source Python and GNU Octave code) allows flexible and transparent implementation of application-specific scripts for gas analysis and data processing
  • Detailed description of the operating principle, performance and application examples available in Brennwald et al. (2016), A Portable and Autonomous Mass Spectrometric System for On-Site Environmental Gas Analysis, Environmental Science & Technology, doi: 10.1021/acs.est.6b03669.


  • GE-MIMS membrane modules for dissolved gas analysis in water
  • Total gas pressure sensors (e.g., for GE-MIMS analysis), compatible with ruediPy software
  • Temperature sensors (e.g., for GE-MIMS analysis), compatible with ruediPy software