Gasometrix in the news!

The foundation of Gasometrix GmbH as an Eawag Spin-Off was well received in the media. Tages Anzeiger and some other newspapers picked up the Eawag press release, and I got interviewed by Swiss Radio and Television for their Science Magazine. Here’s the interview (in German):


Eawag News about Gasometrix GmbH

Analyses of environmental gases which previously required months of laboratory work can now be carried out rapidly in the field. A group of Eawag scientists have developed a portable mass spectrometer allowing on-site measurements – and a spin-off has been created to commercialize the new system. (read the full article)

Air spectrum measured with miniRUEDI

The following figure shows an m/z scan obtained from a miniRUEDI analysis of ambient air. The electron impact ionization energy of the ionizer (EE) was set to the default value of 70 eV for this measurement. Using lower EE values would reduce double ionisation. This chart is useful to assess the occurrence and importance of interferences of peak signals related to different gas species at the same m/z value.

Map of miniRUEDI applications around the world

Here’s an interactive world map of some miniRUEDI applications. Just click on the markers to learn more about these projects!